HVAC System Rebalance and Existing Systems Testing in Bountiful, UT

Mechanical systems are crucial to making a building comfortable. These systems work hard, and over time they fall out of alignment and become less effective.

For that reason, it is occasionally necessary to rebalance HVAC systems to keep them working at their best. We provide mechanical and HVAC systems retesting and balancing to make sure you get the most of your heating and cooling bills.

How Often is HVAC Testing and Rebalancing Necessary?

Having testing and rebalancing performed on a set schedule is the best way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your HVAC system. We echo the advice of ASHREA 62.1 and recommend that you “rebalance your system every 3 to 5 years”.

Included in the preventative maintenance plans for all buildings should be the adjustment and re-balance of your HVAC systems. Repairs to these systems can be expensive and sometimes also disruptive to your operations, after all. That means testing and rebalancing as a part of HVAC maintenance can be a sound investment strategy for your business!

Re-balancing is also a great way to help cut costs on your heating and cooling bill. When a rebalance is done, our certified technicians will tweak your system to its most efficient state, helping you save money.

What Does HVAC Testing and Rebalancing Involve?

A re-balance/existing system balance includes:

  • Testing your air handling unit (Static pressures, velocities, electrical readings)
  • Locating, evaluating and resolving problem areas.
  • Re-balancing all diffusers to original design amounts or owner specified amounts.
  • Testing exhaust fans and verifying that they have sufficient air flow.
  • Listening to owner/operator needs and concerns then helping to resolve those issues.
  • Troubleshooting and solving issues pertaining to mechanical systems and building ventilation.
  • Providing a comprehensive report comprising all of our certified readings. This report includes all test results, as well as our advice on other measures you can take to better enhance your building’s comfort, mechanical efficiency and safety.

HVAC Testing as Part of Renovations and Remodeling

Not only should HVAC testing be performed on a routine basis, it should also be a part of any significant renovations you’re planning. With any sort of remodel or update to a building or workspace, give us a call. A proper examination and re-balance of the mechanical systems should be performed before the project is finished.

HVAC/mechanical systems are not perfect and need to be maintained regularly. Please reach out to our team at HI-EFFICIENCY SYSTEMS for the most comprehensive and best test and balance service offered. We are here to help you; your personnel and your clients get more enjoyment out of the time they spend inside your building.

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