We are the Industry Leader in HVAC Test and Balance Services.

Committed to excellence since 1992, Hi-Efficiency Systems has been recognized as a NEBB Certified Test and Balance Company.

Air and Hydronic Test & Balance

Our certified NEBB & TAB specialist, perform air and hydronic testing and balancing to achieve optimum building and system performance.

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Hospital Accreditation & Certification

Testing critical areas such as operating rooms, negative and positive pressure rooms, patient isolation & decontamination rooms.

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New Construction Test & Balance

We work hard to ensure that buildings we test obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, as soon as possible and at the highest standard.

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LEED Verification and Certification Professional, Independent Test & Balance Services

LEED scoring is afforded to buildings at the highest standard of efficiency in energy and environmental design. With the advent of LEED certified buildings and the demand for green-building certification the demand for TAB expertise is now growing exponentially. All LEED construction verifications on any level require a recent, professionally certified Test & Balance Report.

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We start all projects by creating a clear chain of communication with all involved contractors, owners and engineers through email, text, and project status. Documentation, daily reports, updated TAB forms and punch-lists are readily available digitally and project status is always available to all parties. For more than 25 years, we have committed to provide the most honest, efficient, and high-quality service available. Within the Intermountain region, HES is the industry leader in HVAC Test and Balance services.

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